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Condessa de Melo

Condessa de Melo


"Signs you are an earth angel" e fotos da Condessa

Rafaela da Silva Melo
♡ you are quiet and quite introverted, you love time alone to recharge yourself and heal
♡ you feel like helping people, serving them, is your main purpose. you feel joy by helping other people
♡ you are an empath, and have a deeply strong sensitive heart. you can almost feel other people’s pain
♡ you love animals and nature a lot. you feel safe between the whispers of the trees and the birds singing
♡ you dislike violence to humans and to animals. most earth angels are vegetarian/vegan
♡ you have/had imaginary friends
♡ you are deeply psychic and you are prone to spiritual or paranormal experiences
♡ you are also spiritual
♡ you feel like you are here for a purpose but can’t wrap your head about what it is
♡ you are an old soul and you adore vintage treasures
♡ that said, you dislike the modern world and/or don’t feel connected to it
♡ you have felt like an outcast most of your life or you had the feeling of not “fitting in”
♡ animals and intuitive people feel attracted to you
♡ you adore plants, and have your house filled with plants and flowers
♡ you are fearless or have few fears. death doesn’t scare you


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